ATLAS.ti User Conference 2013 - Fostering Dialog on Qualitative Methods


A huge thank you to all participants of the 2013 user conference! You made the first international meeting of this kind a memorable success.

Users from over twenty countries congregated in Berlin for a three-day intensive meeting. Discussion covered every conceivable angle of how users from any number of disciplines find highly effective uses for ATLAS.ti in their vastly diverse research projects.

All participants were delighted to meet the makers of ATLAS.ti and to learn about the history of the software as well as ongoing development and future plans.

The most enjoyable aspect for all, however, was the opportunity to meet other users from all over the world, connect well-known of names experts with real faces, and generally have a chance to exchange views and experiences. A grand time was had all around, and everyone resolved that this event ought to be repeated.

The conference proceedings will be published by TU Berlin Press and will be accessible through Open Access on the Web. Also, the various conference presentations will be available through our dedicated YouTube channel.

We would also specifically express our gratitude to the Center of Technology and Society of the Technical University, Berlin, for their collaboration and for providing an ideal venue for the event.

Again, thank you all for coming, sharing, and generally allowing us in turn to share a wonderful time with you. See you hopefully all again in Berlin... for the next international users conference!

Thomas Muhr, CEO
and the ATLAS.ti Conference Team

PS. All conference participants are invited to send their favorite photos of the event to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We will be happy to post them on this site for you.